About Us

About Gollum:

Yes, oh yes, we has our own blog! It is ours, precious! It belongs to us! We can be Gollum the great! The Gollum!

On our blog, we post two times a week. It even has different posts for certain days! We are very organized. We wants to be a very good blogger so we have worked very hard on this blog. Good Smeagol takes care of the blog.

We have:
Music Monday (Smeagol sees many bloggers do this)
Tricksey Tuesday (How to trick nasty hobbitses!)
Trust Us Thursday (Smeagol gives advice)
Story Saturday (Smeagol tells a story!)

And sometimes we hae Sneaky Sunday, but it's sneaky, so it doesn't know when it will be, or what! We have a sssecret, precious!

[Hello! I'm Arda and I help Gollum with his blog. After he invaded my blog two April Fool's Days in a row, enough was enough, but he actually had some ok blogging ideas, so I got him set up here. Gollum is unable to make a Google account due to the fact that they won't accept his age and birth date, so I post for him (why it says "posted by Arda" below posts). He has pretty much free reign here, but I do look over his posts, edit them if need be, and occasionally add comments, which will be [in brackets]. Thanks for visiting, and check out my personal blog In Western Lands.]


  1. Gollum! I have always wanted to meet you. My ancestor Sam Gamgee (they later changed it to Gardener) has told me so much about you. He even had the nerve to say that you had died, but I knew it couldn't be true. Because he said you took the Ring with you, and how could you die when you had the Ring?

    1. We doesn't like the Fat Hobbit. But it wants to meet us. Maybe it is nice? Yes precious, it has a lot of nerve. We doesn't understand it either.

      [Don't mind him! Thanks so much for following! -Arda]

  2. Gollum, I am very happy to see you blogging! Though I am disappointed you don't like lembas bread...I personally love lembas bread. :(

    1. It likes nasty bread? We would think you were friends with hobbitses. But it likes our blogging, so maybe it is nice, precious.


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